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Midsummer 100km Cycle Challenge

  • Monday, 13th July 2020
  • £15.00


Set yourself a lockdown goal with F3's Midsummer 100km Cycling Challenge!

F3's 100km distance challenge tasks you to cycle 100km between June 13th and July 13th. This is challenge is great for those breaking into cycling and provides the perfect motivation to get out on your bike. You can still enter this challenge even though it has started (Click the live event button above) and upload your tracked runs that are within the challenge event times. 

Throughout the challenge, you will be able to upload multiple distance submissions and race-gallery selfies so that you can keep up-to-date with the rest of our cycling community, providing the perfect lockdown motivation.

Included in your ticket will be a bespoke F3 T-Shirt as well as spot-prizes for the best race-gallery photos. We want to see your favourite local roads, the whole family joining you in the challenge, and the most innovative photo ideas!

Get involved and keep active during lockdown while staying connected with the cycling community.

Once you register, you'll need to finish the distance in any interval or pace within the completion timeframe designated for your Virtual Event.

How to upload a result

Follow the link here: Submit result - 100k