Returning with contact-free, covid-secure event experiences

We’re pleased to confirm that we’re hoping to offer carefully adapted, smaller and simplified events from mid-August. 

Following updated guidance from the UK Government and in turn the governing bodies who license our events, UK Athletics and British Triathlon, we’re working on the details to determine which events could safely take place. 

We know how important races and organised runs are to every runner. We understand that for some, the return of events can’t come soon enough. For others, taking part in an event still holds significant concerns. It’s not going to be quite like it was before. Things will have to be a little different for a while. But the benefits of committing to a goal, running with others and that finish line feeling will be all the greater for the recent challenges we’ve all overcome.

Specific details on each of our events

We’re carefully adapting our event plans – from getting there to going home. We’re thinking through every detail that makes events feel great to work out what the safer alternatives are.

We’ll be sharing all of these details on each individual event entry page on our website from Wednesday 5 August. If you’ve already entered, we’ll email you with an update. Sadly, it is likely that some events will not be possible under these new requirements and in those cases we’ll announce their cancellation and explain why.

Each event is different, so where they do go ahead we’ll explain what’s changed and why it’s all in place to keep everyone safe. We’ll also summarise everything you need to know in a final ‘Event Information’ email, sent a few days before your event day.

If you have a question before entering, we’re here to help.

What to expect at events that go ahead:

  • Small and scheduled waved starts
  • Contact-free registration
  • Simplified bag drop measures where available
  • Covid-secure water stations although self-sufficiency is advised
  • Safe pick-up for medals and snacks
  • Bookable time windows from getting there to going home to control capacity.

Thank you for your support and understanding over these four months. We’ve missed you!

That finish line feeling will be worth the wait.