Cracking the Ice of 2021 with a Virtual Duathlon!

Last weekend 75 brave winter warriors took on the Ice Breaker virtual duathlon and completed the worst month of the year in style with a challenge!

The event was a hit and participants enjoyed having the opportunity to push themselves to the next level in an event context. With a third of the racers representing a club, competition was fierce and the claws were out for the top spot on the leader board.

Unlike other events Ice Breaker gave competitors a unique opportunity to take complete control of their race.  There were no requirements beyond getting in evidence of their activities by midnight on Sunday, so athletes could pick their ideal racing conditions and set target times to smash later this year.

Some warriors opted to stay inside on the turbo and treadmill while others created their perfect courses on the road. Time of day and style of racing also differed with some attempting a time trial doing the three activities (run, bike, run) consecutively while others took advantage of the whole weekend optimising their performance with recovery time.

We had some great feedback and many have a place freezed for our next virtual event later in February… Paul Collier Said “thanks for a great virtual event. Hoping there will be some more in the future. This has kick started my running again."


So what were the results…

In the Walrus (Standard) category we had some very impressive times! Mark Jones took the top spot with a blistering 10K time of 37:26, Greg Speakman of London Frontrunners came in second completing all his efforts in the comfort of his own home on Zwift and Paul Charlesworth came in a close third. The first lady was not far behind - Camille King of Endurance9 crushed her bike and impressively came 5th overall, Wendy Webster came in in second and Hayley Lucas of Evo Tri Club just behind.

In the Polar Bear (Sprint) category the athletes were chasing down PBs for the individual disciplines left, right and centre! Amazingly half of the turnout in this race were representing a club so competition was very tough.  Nonetheless Evo Tri Club dominated with Heather Ridgus and Richard Kinnersley both nabbing first place for the team- well done both.

Finally in the Muskox (Super-Sprint) category Jenifer Coen took first place overall, no doubt she had her Weetabix on Saturday morning (and of course must be smashing her lockdown training too).  Not far behind was Barry Barnet and then Amanda Digne-Malcom of Redway Runners.


It was a brilliant weekend of racing, for which each participant can be proud. Rewards are on their way in the post, and soon all finishers will be receiving a well deserved medal, buff and free pair of socks.

If you don’t want to let another opportunity slip by to check your progress, keep your eyes peeled as another virtual duathlon event will be announced soon. We can’t wait to see yet another battle of the tri clubs and congratulate athletes face to face later in the year at a live event!